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  • Sophie Meinershagen

November Orchestra News

Dallas Opera Trip

To start the month of November, Reedy Orchestra took a trip to the Winspear Opera House to watch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Opera on the 1st. Students went out for dinner, spent time walking around the Dallas Arts District, and enjoyed the stunning performance!

Senior Slideshow Presentation

On November 10th, Reedy Orchestra hosted the first-ever Senior Slideshow Social. Seniors sent in personalized slideshow presentations and each of them had to present an anonymous senior's presentation.

With slideshow topics ranging from television show opinions to orchestra topic rankings, the seniors had a great time eating snacks and enjoying each other's comedic presentations!

Junior and Senior Thanksgiving Potluck

On November 16th, Reedy Orchestra hosted the annual Junior and Senior Thanksgiving Potluck. Students brought a variety of homemade entrees and desserts to enjoy with each other's company!

As the night progressed, students watched a Thanksgiving-themed movie and each gave a quick speech about what they were grateful for this year. We at Reedy Orchestra are so grateful for all of the students and faculty members who make this program so special!

Adopt an Angel Shopping

Concluding the month of November, a group of Reedy Orchestra students went to Target on Saturday, November 18th for the annual Adopt an Angel program. Reedy Orchestra has two angels this year who, thanks to the students' help, will receive a variety of wishlist gifts for Christmas this year!

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