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Welcome to the Reedy High School Orchestra 2023-2024 Summer Audition page!

2023-2024 Reedy HS Orchestra Audition Placements

(You will need your FISD login credentials to access this document)

If you are submitting this audition over the summer, please email the directors once submissions have been uploaded. 

All auditions will be video recorded digitally and submitted to the links below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Lane, Ms. Kidwell, or Ms. Li.

Please follow the steps below to complete the virtual audition process:

helpful tips

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  • Listen to recordings online of the audition music for correct intonation, articulation, tempi, etc. We have linked a YouTube playlist of audition music for each instrument in the section above for reference. 

    • Do you have a SmartMusic Account? Check out our Audition SmartMusic Links as you work on your audition literature (Level 1 & 2 only). ​

    • You will need your Frisco ISD credentials to access this document. 

  • Record yourself playing your audition music and critique your own playing

  • Select the audition level that best portrays your musical abilities. 

    • Talk to your orchestra director to help you determine the appropriate audition level to follow. ​

  • Ask friends or private lesson teachers for help (they are all teaching online right now and would love to help you submit your best audition possible)! Neither Mr. Lane, Ms. Kidwell, Ms. Li, nor your current orchestra director can help you with your audition music so prepare as best as you can and you will do just fine! :)


Good skill to all and we look forward to hearing you soon! 

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