Kevin Wang

Class of 2018

Ellie Meinershagen

Class of 2019

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Yunbeen Bae

Class of 2020





Inaugural Year

Our Pride, Our Orchestra

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Each year our student Historians create the official Orchestra Scrapbook and Video to help celebrate our Reedy Orchestra story. Check out scrapbooks and videos from years past above.

Note: Shutterfly allows purchase options for our Scrapbooks - proceeds do not go toward the Reedy Orchestras.  


2019-2020 Historians

Head Historians: Shreya Ayelasomayajula (Photography) & Daniel Oh (Video)

Historian Video Team: Caitlin Fukumoto, Ellie Hikima, Anna Matthews, Maddie May

Historian Photography Team: Vishnu Juvadi, Christian Lee

2018-2019 Historians

Head Historians: Erin Brill & Alisha Karan

Historian Team: Shreya Ayelasomayajula, Celeste Bailly, Jessica Cho, Jimin Lee, Maddie May, Blake Oxley, Augusta Walsh


2017-2018 Historians

Head Historians: Erin Brill & Justin Liu

Historian Team: Celeste Bailly, Jessica Cho, Camille Franklin, Alisha Karan, Jimin Lee, Daniel Oh, Blake Oxley, Augusta Walsh, Isabelle Walsh

2016-2017 Historians

Head Historians: Erin Brill & Justin Liu

Historian Team: Jessica Cho, Yae-Jin Cho, Hannah Hall, Jimin Lee, Augusta Walsh, Raina Yang 

2015-2016 Historians

Historian Team: Siri Bafana, Erin Brill, Jessica Cho, Hannah Hall, Jimin Lee, Justin Liu, Raina Yang

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