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April Orchestra News

Reedy Orchestra Spring Trip

Performance at The Texas State Capitol

From April 12th-15th, Reedy Orchestra students attended the annual orchestra spring trip to Austin. In past years, Reedy Orchestra has visited Disney World, Corpus Cristi, North Padre, and much more! Starting the Austin trip, the orchestra performed pieces such as Ashokan Farewell and Dua Lipa Duo at the Texas State Capitol.

Visiting the Austin Symphony during the spring trip

During the spring trip, Reedy Orchestra visited the Austin Symphony Orchestra. They enjoyed a nice dinner at the County Line on The Hill before attending a night filled with music and joy!

Reedy Orchestra 2023-2024 Banquet

On April 25th, Reedy Orchestra celebrated the end of the school year at the annual Reedy Orchestra Banquet. Seniors received special goodbye gifts and many students were recognized with awards and superlatives. Students enjoyed a photo booth area, a fancy dinner, the president's speech & pardons, and an end-of-year wrap-up video made by the Reedy Orchestra video team! Pictured above are all of the graduating orchestra seniors.


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