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May Spotlight Students

Madeline Biddulph, Naomi Brown, and Sophie Meinershagen

Reedy Orchestra Symphonic sophomores Sophie Meinershagen, Madeline Biddulph, and

Naomi Brown recently competed in the State level tournament for Destination Imagination.

Destination Imagination is an "organization of challenges with different types of technical aspects such as improvisation or engineering," Madeline explained. The challenge categories include Fine Arts, Scientific, Service, Improvisation, X-Treme, and more, each renewing in requirements annually.

The first Destination Imagination tournament is regional and, depending on the challenge category, only a select few groups who place at high levels are able to move on to the State-level competition. This process repeats for both the State and Global competition all around the world.

Madeline, Naomi, and Sophie have participated in Destination Imagination for many years; Madeline has been involved since first grade, Naomi has been involved since fourth, and Sophie has been involved since fifth. Each has participated in different challenges including improvisation, fine arts, science, and X-Treme. They officially became a team in sixth grade and have been called the e-LEMON-ators ever since.

The team has placed at State-level approximately four times and Madeline and Naomi have even placed in Globals. This year, the three participated in the regional X-Treme Challenge which involved a mix of an improvisational storyline and technical creation aspects. The team later received first place and on March 26, they competed in the State-level X-Treme Challenge competition and placed seventh. The State competition was hosted in the University of Arlington and was an exciting day for the team.

Reedy Orchestra is excited to see the three's future placements in Destination Imagination as the team continues to participate in different Destination Imagination challenges!


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