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May Orchestra News

Socials/Spirit Nights

Panera Night

On April 13, students were encouraged to order from Panera in The Colony from 4 PM to 8 PM in order to help fundraise for Reedy Orchestra. Students needed to mention "Reedy Orchestra" when checking out to make sure Reedy Orchestra received fundraising.

Orchestra Movie Night

Also on April 13, students enjoyed a movie night, watching The Emperor's New Groove. It was a fun and enjoyable time that took place from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM!

Harp Recital, Pearson Concert, and Pioneer Concert

On April 14, the FISD Harp Recital took place. The location was the Lebanon Trail HS Auditorium and Reedy Harp students performed while other students from Reedy were welcome to attend and enjoy the performance!

On April 19, Pearson Middle school performed its Spring concert. Reedy students were welcome to attend to support their future Reedy Orchestra peers as well as help volunteer to set up for the event. Later, on April 22, Pioneer Heritage Middle School orchestra performed their spring concert, and many Reedy Orchestra students helped volunteer to set up for the event as well as watch and enjoy!

Audition Submissions

On April 20th, Reedy Orchestra placement auditions were due for current and incoming Orchestra students. Students in the varsity orchestra did not have to reaudition, but they were encouraged to help aid and assist those who were auditioning. We hope all students will be pleased with their placements and the knowledge that they worked extremely hard at their audition material!

Disney Spring Trip

From April 23-26, Reedy Orchestra took their spring trip to Disney World. They got up for early flights and stayed at the All-Star Movie Hotel. They went to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom, going on rides like Mount Everest, the Tower of Terror, Rockin' Roller Coaster, and more. They watched the fireworks show over Cinderella's castle, spent time with peers in hotel rooms, and went on walkabouts around the parks.

Some students participated in the orchestra workshop on April 24. Students played orchestra and percussion instruments and sightread new music from Disney movies Mulan and Coco!

Fine Arts Kickball Tournament

On Wednesday, April 27, students from different Fine Arts groups in Reedy participated in a kickball tournament against each other on the Reedy Softball field. Reedy Orchestra won the first game, continuing to the second round against the band before losing in a tie-breaker rock paper scissors game. By the end of the event, Art won the tournament, but all teams worked hard and enjoyed participating!

Breakfast Club/Ms. Kim's Birthday

On April 28, Reedy Orchestra celebrated Ms. Kim's birthday with a special Breakfast club event in the morning. Though the event officially began at 8:15, students came extra early to prepare and surprise Ms. Kim with cake and a specially filmed dance video to a Kpop song. Participating students learned the choreographed dance and filmed it on April 20th after school. Reedy Orchestra is so thankful for Ms. Kim and hopes she had an amazing birthday!

Outdoor Chamber Concert

Later on April 28, Reedy Orchestra's Symphonic, Philharmonic, and Independent Study groups performed at the Vista Park Pavilion in Phillips Creek Ranch, though all Reedy Orchestra students were welcome to watch. The performance took place from 6 PM to 7 PM and the chamber groups were able to choose Disney-themed music; some examples of chosen music included Let it Go, Tale as Old as Time, the Avengers theme, and more. The audience was able to enjoy the concert from picnic blankets and lawn chairs on the grass and could purchase pizza from Romeo's Pizza for dinner. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable concert, showcasing the hard work and talent of our Reedy Orchestra students!

Upcoming Events

Spring Concert

The Upcoming Spring Concert will take place on May 10, 2022. Pieces featured may include M79, Supermaximum, Songbird, La Sortija, and more!


On May 17, the Reedy Orchestra banquet will take place at the Chapel at Ana Vill at 6 PM. The event will remember students' accomplishments, highlight orchestra traditions, and recognize graduating seniors! Parents and other guests are welcome to attend, and it will be an exciting night to end the year!


Many students who received a 1C score on their Solo and Ensemble performances have chosen to participate in the State contest at the UT Campus in Austin on May 28. Students need to request an accompanist to rehearse and perform with unless the piece does not require one or their accompanist is already provided. It will be an exciting and important day to showcase many students' hard work on their solo or ensemble pieces!


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