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March Orchestra News


Pajama Movie Social

On January 19, 2023, Reedy Orchestra hosted a movie night social after school. Students came around 4:30pm to the lecture hall and watched the movie Big Hero Six. Many enjoyed hanging out with orchestra friends while eating snack food in their pajamas. Overall, it was a very entertaining social, and we hope to have more movie nights coming soon!

Valentine's Day Social

On February 14, 2023, Reedy Orchestra hosted a breakfast club for Valentine's day. Students were encouraged to bring different dessert breakfast food, and they all enjoyed a fun social before school started for the day!

Panera Spirit Night

On February 28, 2023, students were encouraged to go to the Panera location on Main Street to support Reedy Orchestra. 20% of sales benefited Reedy Orchestra, and students came and went from 4pm-8pm to enjoy dinner at the location!

TMEA All-State

On the February 8, 2023 weekend, the Reedy Orchestra directors accompanied 11th grade Violinist Ananya Nair to the TMEA All-State performance.

The All-State auditions are a long lasting process that typically begins in the Summer. Students interested in pursuing All-State Orchestra will practice their etudes, and around October, they audition for All-Region. Only a certain portion of All-Region accepted students advance to the level applicable to audition for All-State. Once accepted, the few selected musicians throughout the state of Texas perform at theTMEA All-State performance.

The All-State process is highly competitive and is the current highest honor a Texas student musician can receive. Reedy Orchestra is so proud of Ananya Nair's accomplishment, and she was even honored at the FISD board meeting with other Reedy All-State musicians. We encourage students to audition in the following year, and more details about the process can be found on the TMEA website!

UIL Performances

Reedy Orchestra UIL performances took place during the fourth week of February and showcased a variety of pieces that each orchestra level had worked on for the last several months in preparation. Camerata/Concert Combined Orchestra, Sinfonia Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Symphonic Orchestra received Sweepstakes, or Straight Superior Division ratings from all six judges.

Students also volunteered to help host UIL at the Reedy Campus, and they had a great time helping out by directing students, managing sight-reading rooms, and announcing orchestras on stage.

Reedy Orchestra is so proud of all the students' and directors' hard work, and we are excited to continue Reedy Orchestra's musical journey in the upcoming year!


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