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September Spotlight Students

This month's spotlight students feature our three Reedy Prelude reporters! Read to learn more about them!

Sophie Meinershagen

Sophie Meinershagen is a senior and a violist in the Symphonic orchestra. She is the Reedy Prelude Editor in Chief, and her interest in fine arts started at a young age. Here’s more about Sophie!

”Having been raised by a professional pianist/violinist and a previous band director, I was encouraged at an early age to involve myself in music and arts. I started out playing the violin when I was in Kindergarten, but I then switched to the viola in 6th grade at Pearson Orchestra. Through the amazing Reedy Orchestra program, I’ve grown an even stronger appreciation for music and have continued playing the viola ever since!“

Sophie has many interests in addition to orchestra, including reading, writing, photography, and more! Here are a few fun facts:

- "I’m a huge bookworm and recently published a novel called “The Fearless List,” available online and at the Frisco library and Barnes & Noble!"

- "I’m a huge fan of artists such as Taylor Swift, Lorde, Gracie Abrams, Beabadoobee, and Madison Cunningham!"

- "Some of my favorite TV shows include Gilmore Girls, Parks and Recreation, and Avatar!" 

Saiesha Sawhney

Saiesha Sawhney is a Reedy Prelude reporter and a senior and a violinist in the Sinfonia orchestra. Here’s a little about Saiesha!

“I started off playing the piano when I was 7 years old and I switched to the violin in sixth grade because I’ve always loved music whether I’m playing my violin or attending concerts like the Eras tour to see Taylor Swift! I was on the photography historian team before joining the Reedy Orchestra Prelude, and orchestra has always been a safe place for me to make friends and receive support! I hope you enjoy my writing!“

Stuti Menon

Stuti Menon is a Reedy Prelude reporter, junior, and a violinist in the philharmonic orchestra. Here’s a little more about Stuti!

”I‘ve always been really interested in music, starting piano when I was 9 years old and the violin in 6th grade. The wonderful Reedy Orchestra program has helped me grow as a player and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for music! Outside of orchestra, I love reading and listening to music :)”

"I’m always reading, and after reaching my goal of reading 365 books last year, I have started writing book reviews for everything I read!"

"Some of my favorite artists include Gracie Abrams, Taylor Swift, Laufey, and Conan Gray!"



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