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November Spotlight Students

Congratulations to our November Spotlight Students, violinist Ananya Nair, cellist Daniel Yi, and violist Cristian Yohannes, for placing in the prestigious 2023-2024 TMEA All-State Orchestra, proudly representing Reedy Orchestra! To secure a spot in the All-State orchestra, these students had to excel as the top performers on their respective instruments, advancing from the All-Region round to compete in the All-State audition.

Ananya Nair, an accomplished four-year All-State violinist, shared that her primary challenge was overcoming performance anxiety. Her strategy involves diligent practice until the musical excerpts become ingrained in muscle memory.

Meanwhile, Cristian Yohannes faced the obstacle of maintaining optimism during demotivating practice sessions. Cristian, in his role as orchestra president, encourages a mindful approach to practice. He underscores the importance of productive practice over extended durations that could harm one's body. He also recommends shorter, focused practice sessions for greater effectiveness

Daniel Yi, too, acknowledged performance anxiety as a recurring challenge on his journey to All-State. Despite the common experience of performance anxiety among musicians, all three emphasize that building confidence through consistent practice is a key solution to overcoming nerves.

Once again, heartfelt congratulations to Ananya, Daniel, and Cristian for their remarkable achievement in making it to the All-State Orchestra!


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