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Alumni Spotlight - Ellie Meinershagen

Ellie Meinershagen was a previous Reedy Orchestra president in 2019. She was in Symphonic Orchestra as a cellist, and she greatly enjoyed her four years. Now, she is a junior at Baylor University in Waco Texas, majoring in Marketing and secondary majoring in Cello Performance.

Ellie chose her major in Marketing because she enjoys social media marketing, content creation, and data analytics. For Ellie, marketing was the "perfect intersection of those skills." Ellie's experience as a secondary major in Cello Performance helped her become a part of the Baylor Symphony orchestra, and she's even been contracted to play at the Waco Symphony Orchestra as a student intern.

"I would love to teach a small studio of students after college and have the flexibility to audition for local orchestras," Ellie said. "Music has always been a large part of my life and I love getting to continue collaborating while in college."

Ellie has always considered herself to be a creative person and very project-oriented. For example, in middle school, she ran an American Girl doll online handmade clay bakery.

"In high school, I created Ellie’s Mum Challenge, an initiative to bring back the simple beauty of the texas homecoming mum tradition, while giving back to local charities in need," Ellie said. "And for the last two and a half years, I have been working on my small business, Acute Accents, where I sell my handcrafted clay earrings online through my shop, locally at the Waco farmers market, and wholesale to over 3 local businesses."

Reedy Orchestra was a huge influence on her college decisions and life as a whole. "Reedy Orchestra really shaped me into a better, more collaborative, and more musical player, and it helped me realize that I wanted to continue creating music through college," Ellie said.

She made memories in her time as a Symphonic Cellist in Reedy Orchestra, but one of her favorite memories was in her Sophomore year. "We went to Corpus Christi for our spring trip, and although we like to joke about how chaotic that trip was with the ship being so windy, eating lunch in the ship morgue, and climbing up several flights of stairs in a narrow passageway, I made a bunch of memories for life," she said. For example, Ellie noted she enjoyed playing card games with friends, spending time at the beach, and singing karaoke.

Reedy Orchestra has made a lasting impact on Ellie and many other students. Ellie graduates in 2023 and we're excited to see her future accomplishments!


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